Fire Safety Net

Why Choose Fire Safety Net?

The Fire Safety Assessor

The Fire Safety Net team is headed by Allan Rotchell who completes or oversees all of the fire risk assessments; he is a former Divisional Officer with West Midlands Fire Service.

With 36 years in the fire service before starting Fire Safety Net, Allan brings a wealth of experience concerning all things fire to every job.

Six promotions within the fire service meant that Allan had a wide ranging career including working as an inspecting officer in Wolverhampton & Walsall, managing a fire safety office in the Black Country and managing a fire safety department in central and northern Birmingham.

In 2001 Allan was seconded to the Home Office for 8 months and formed part of a team that looked at how the Police and Fire Service dealt with Arson, he is a co-author of the "Arresting Arson" report published by the Home Office.

Fire Safety Assessor's Qualifications:

Member of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers

Graduate of the Institute of Fire Engineers

National Examination Body for Occupational Safety & Health: Certificate

Diploma in Management Studies

Fire Service College - Inspecting Officers' Course

Fire Service College - Divisional Command Course

Fire Service College - Hazardous Materials Course



The Assessment

We pride ourselves in producing comprehensive reports that are written in plain English and very clearly tell you:

  • What you have to do (we illustrate the report with photographs to help)
  • A priority order in which to do them
  • The standards needed i.e. 30 minutes fire resistance is required
  • How to train your Staff
  • The minimum levels of equipment required
  • The frequency for testing equipment
Fire Safety Net

We provide the following paperwork:

  • Staff training records
  • Equipment test records
  • Evacuation Records
  • A Fire Safety Policy for your company
  • Safety information for visitors and contractors
  • A floor plan of the building showing fire resistance, equipment, signs and notices.

We don't just do the assessment and leave you with it!

  • We ensure you understand the report and just what it is you have to do
  • We give you advice and guidance concerning choosing suitable contractors if required
  • We act as your "specialist" in dealing with the fire service
  • We will review your fire risk assessment after 12 months
  • We are available for telephone advice for up to a year post assessment

Our Fire Risk Assessment reports are presented in a ring binder that contains everything you need so that you can keep all of your fire information together for ease of use and access.

The format is approved by the fire service as it is easy to audit by their Inspecting Officers.